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2018 - 2019 HopeMark Preschool Staff

Classroom Teachers

Mrs. Donna Fernandez                                                                                                   

This is Donna’s 28th year at HopeMark!   Mrs. Fernandez holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education from Fontbonne University, and holds a lifetime certificate in elementary education.  She also is a private tutor for preschool through high school age children.  

Mrs. Leslie Higgs

This is Leslie's 10th year at HopeMark.  Mrs. Higgs holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and  a Masters degree in Instructional Technology, both from Southern Illinois University.  She has over twelve years of classroom teaching experience.  

Mrs. Adrienne Beye

This is Adrienne's 6th year at HopeMark.  Mrs. Beye holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology as well as several hours toward her Early Childhood Education degree from University of Missouri, St. Louis.   

Mrs. Jen Barber

This is Jen's first year at HopeMark!  Jen holds a business degree from Meramec Community College, and worked as an Operational and Departmental Supervisor at JC Penney's, Hampton Village for 23 years until the store closed in December 2017.  Mrs. Barber, then a HopeMark mom, offered to help in the classroom while searching for a new job.  It quickly became clear that teaching is in Jen's blood! Her enthusiasm and drive were so impressive, she was the obvious choice when a position opened up!  Jen is actively pursuing her teaching certification in Early Childhood Education at Meramec Community College.  
Lunch Bunch Provider

Mrs. Nichole Ruggeri

This is Nichole's 2nd year managing our lunch bunch program, after a several year hiatus.  "Miss Nichole" was our first lunch bunch caregiver when we began the program in 2009.  Nichole was instrumental in shaping lunch bunch into the great program it is today, so we are very excited tohave her back!

Music Teacher

Mr. Jacob Alspach

This is Jacob's 9th year at HopeMark.  "Mr. Jacob" is an animated, energetic musician with lots of experience teaching young children.  In addition to his HopeMark position, he teaches music at a county preschool, leads children's music classes at the Folk School in Maplewood, and performs music for children at the St. Louis Zoo.  You can also find him in the local jazz band, "The Gaslight Squares!"  He is dad to Liesl, in the Jr. Pre-K program!


Mrs. Jeanne Ryan

This is Jeanne’s 14th year at HopeMark.  Mrs. Ryan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from University of Missouri, Columbia, and has completed her certification in Early Childhood Education  program at Forest Park Community College.  In addition to the directorship, she will teach Pre-K two afternoons per week.

All of our staff attend a minimum of 12 hours of classes and workshops throughout the school year to remain current on developments in early childhood education.

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